About Moringa

Moringa is called the ‘miracle plant’.  It has transformed the face of infant mortality and malnutrition in many African countries.  It is a botanical impacting the level of dis-ease and wellness in the underdeveloped world.  Even though the National Institute of Health (NIH)declares that additional scientific studies are needed to confirm its effectiveness, NIH has issued a March 2008 statement about its use to prevent or treat over 300 diseases.   The CaribbeanempressTM (CSA) skincare label Moringa is solar-infused in a base of olive oil.  The penetrating life-giving energy of the Caribbean sun enhances the release of the concentrated Maringa’s healing essence into flawed skin conditions and compromised and ill health.  The leaf is venerated as a ‘superfood’, providing all of the amino acids.
An individual needs sufficient amounts of certain vitamins, minerals, protein, and other nutrients to maintain a healthy body and physical well-being. The Moringa leaves powder is an excellent source for many of these nutrients and can be a valuable source for many people.
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