BUSH: A movement dedicated to the advancement of learning, education, research, and teaching of indigenous wisdom 

Our Vision

That all enjoy a lifestyle of choice that results in happiness through wellness in care of the earth, its orgnisms and each other.

As an educator, Camaradelores  is inspired , encouraged and passionate to share her novice knowledge of ‘bush’ after a rewarding introduction to the ‘miracle’ moringa.  Discomfort to her knee area, and the astonishing results she obtained after regularly drinking moringa tea fueled Camaradelores’ interest to learn more and share about moringa the miracle plant.  She found that moringa boosted her energy level, took away the pain in her knee, and helped mother nature with its anti-aging ‘secrets’. 

Our Mission

Camara has used and explored the realm of natural products for the past thirty years and crafted a versatile and value-added skincare product that today she uses like no other–the moringa salve.  The compliments she received about ‘reversing the ageing process’ were constant.   This experience led to the development of the moringa salve and oil handcrafted through a solar infused method.  

Create the Bush Education platform to teach, train, support, and offer membership services to coach a cadre of member participants who register with a desire toward  wholistic nature-based education that would  strengthen and sustain their wellness lifestyle goals

Later, Camara was instrumental in planting fifty moringa trees on the three-acre plot she co-owns and farms, promoting community-supported agriculture(CSA), farming and forest steward initiatives.

Crucianbushlovers grew out of the need for resources that reflect nature-based and ethnobotanical influences.  Crucianbushlovers is a membership group, but also a movement.  It is a social cause created to spread the word about the value of bush, its influence, and to execute an institution for learning dedicated to research and education surrounding indigenous bush knowledge.

Crucianbushlovers agenda is to collaborate and cooperate with like-minded leaders for change whose objectives are to care more for the people than profit.  The vision of Crucianbushlovers is to create a peaceful, just, and equal space that all enjoy a lifestyle of choice that results in happiness thru wellness,  in care of the earth, its organisms and each other.

Crucianbushlovers Membership Collective was created in 2008.  Its members benefit from natural health services and products that meet their wellness needs.  The group has organized a meeting place to host its activities at 54 King St. Frederiksted.  The meeting place is called The Wellness Place. The foundation of the activities is holistic (body, mind, spirit) showcasing nature and plant-based models of practice.  

Crucianbushlovers Membership Collective is more than the products, the people, or the services but a movement that symbolizes activism, connection, co-creation with the ancestors and their indigenous linkages.

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The membership plan is as follows.  Everyone who purchases a product or support an activity through the network, automatically becomes a member.  When a person pays the 50.00 annual dues s/he becomes dues paying members. (DPM)  If s/he does not pay the annual dues, s/he is designated, non-dues paying members (NDPM).  Over fifty individuals and families have become members who are dues-paying members since 2012.  One major benefit as a DPM (Dues Paying Member) is the opportunity to purchase moringa products at 40% discount. 

On selected transactions, Crucianbushlovers Membership Collective promotes payment in the form of ‘barter’ or ‘work exchange’.  The ‘pay-what-you-want’ is another payment option.  These transactions of exchange for goods and services have become a practice in many corporate entities.  This idea represents a global trend toward cashless societies and social activity that the CBL collective is aspiring to duplicate in our own community.

Disclaimer: Participation as a member is voluntary.  The information shared in our forums are based on training, personal experiences, and research.  Because each person and situation is unique, the reader or user of any products or approaches is encouraged to check with a qualified health professional before using services and products where there is any question as to appropriateness.  No use of any particular diet, system approach, procedure, product, mind, body experience is advocated, but we believe the information presented should be made available.  The principals, facilitators, and partners of CBL are not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences from the use of any suggestion, preparation or procedures shared.