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the S-SASHA project

S-Sasha Project

S-SASHA stands for Senior Small and Sustainable Homes Alliance.  The project is an intentional community wellness real estate initiative.  The name Sasha means ‘defending humanity’.  This project will build 12 small homes for 12 seniors who will collectively agree to the terms of residence.  Two current designs are in consideration.  Presently, the first prototype in construction is an 18x18 octagon. The dome(calabash-style design) is another.  Two local senior builders are at the helm.  Scheduled orientation and a sustainable educational program package are offered to prospective seniors to serve as foundation for members fulfilling the goals and conditions set forth by the group. USDA, Housing Finance Authority, several philanthropists groups, a United Nations climate change group are the targeted funding agencies.

Audrey Brown Mahogany Road to Jolly Hill Nature Trail Hike Project

This project was inspired  by Audrey Brown, who transitioned in the year 2015, employed by the Department of Agriculture. She registered her Herbalife members on the first-time hosted Mahogany Bush Hike to Jolly Hill Estate Nature Trail. Facilitated by Maria Irieah Stiles, hikers walked the one mile trek to the estate identifying bush known and unknown to the Jolly Hill Estate.

Hiking Trail