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A Caribbean Intentional Community @ Jolly Hill Estate

Welcome to the site of the SASHA Caribbean Intentional Community, the first phase of our project plan. We are located in the lush rainforest northwestern region of the island in the Caribbean on St. Croix Virgin Islands USA...

About St. Croix

St. Croix is located at the easternmost point of the United States. St Croix is home to the indigenous  Tainos,  Caribs, Arawaks...

Location and History

The property is located on parcels 3B and 3J of Estate Jolly Hill in St. Croix's rainforest, just off of Route 763 in a heavily forested area. The northwest corner of the property has the steepest slopes with no major structures or active roads on the property...

Flora and Fauna

The intact forest character indicates the potential presence of several locally endangered species, including the red fig eating bats.  White-crowned pigeons and bridled quail doves are also found in intact forests.


The WellnessPlace Outreach

King Street Frederiksted

     The Wellness Place in Frederiksted is the location of SASHA’s wellness real estate development offices, retail outlet, and exhibit center. 

Here you can find a wellspring of services/products that satisfy the needs

related to natural living and nature-based experiences. 

✔ Learn how to live in an intentional community with people you choose.

✔ Pick up your vegan grab and go takeout. 

✔ Purchase a $25.00 bush package. 

✔ Attend a plant-based meal preparation or survival workshop. 

 ✔ Join the natural food coop, crucianbushlovers, and satisfy your nature needs.

 ✔ Rent the space for your event.   

 ✔ Browse our 1500 volume in-house library collection. 

 ✔ Access Wi-Fi

 ✔ Enjoy the TBA natural living and women’s exhibit. 


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Disclaimer: Participation as a member is voluntary.  The information shared in our forums are based on training, personal experiences, and research.  Because each person and situation is unique, the reader or user of any products or approaches is encouraged to check with a qualified health professional before using services and products where there is any question as to appropriateness.  No use of any particular diet, system approach, procedure, product, mind, body experience is advocated, but we believe the information presented should be made available.  The principals, facilitators, and partners of CBL are not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences from the use of any suggestion, preparation or procedures shared.