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Testimony Before the Virgin Islands Senate

Barbara D. Knight

P.O. Box 2860 Kingshill

Virgin Islands 00851


Bank of Nova Scotia Bank

c/o Attorney Samuel Grey

Christiansted, St. Croix

Re: Auction sale notice on 133 Clifton Hill

December 4, 2014

Dear Attorney Grey:

This written communication is a follow-up to our meeting in your office a few weeks ago prior to November 21, 2014 with Attorney Manning, Olu and Ifa Massey, and myself.

I am still trying to save my property and not ‘consenting’ to the ‘decrees’ set as relates to this property. There are factors in place that does not speak to my negligence that I wish to be considered in modifying the terms in order to save this property.

I wish for the bank to further delay the auction of my property due to the following considerations:

1. consider my inability to pay my monthly note due to a ‘freeze’ on my salary at GERS level. It has been near sixteen months since I retired, and have yet to be placed on the payroll due to the inadequacies of the Virgin Islands ‘foiled’ retirement system

2. Mr. Olu Massey has voluntarily relinquished title to the property leaving me as sole benefactor of title.

3. Accept a letter from GERS stating my financial status and their promise to pay.

4. Still seeking investor/partners willing to enter contract to pay arrears with option to title.

Please reply and advise as to the communication shared.


Barbara D. Knight

Barbara D. Knight

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