Moringa Oleifera called the Miracle Tree is so named because of its extraordinary nutrient content.  It contains 7x the vitamin C as orange, 3x the potassium as bananas, 4x the vitamin as a carrot, 4x the calcium as a glass of milk, 2x the protein as cup of yogurt.  It is given to malnourished children and expectant mothers for essential vitamins and minerals necessary as a daily supplement and anyone interested in maintaining good health and strong immune systems. 

MOL41520 Moringa Dried Leaf

  • It is like a one-stop pharmacy shopping treasure.  It contains all 9 essential amino acids.  It is a proven remedy for fighting infectious diseases; the health promoting phytochemicals can alleviate under-nutrition and obesity.  The seed kernels are an effective coagulant for treatment of river water with high levels of suspended solids, removing 90 -99% of bacteria attached to solid particles and clearing water. Look for our Moringa Product Pricelist that details other moringa products on this site under our "PROJECTS PAGE"