Choose 3 salads, same or different; order today and pick up following day; salad consists of a variety of finely chopped veggies tossed with olive oil,  served on a bed of garden green salad along with our signature citrus nut garlic dressing. Call 340-220-0210 or email us at for more details. Pre Order 3 for $25

Vegan Rainbow Couscous Salad

  • Eating healthy and nutritious food should not be an every now and again act, but a commonplace practice.  The Grab ‘n’ Go Platter is a semi-raw salad meal. (Carb meal) all veggies are raw and finely food processed and tossed in prepared fire or unfired grain with olive/moringa oil combo; fresh herbs atop a bed of of salad greens.  (protein meal) peas/beans are combined with fresh herbs and seasonings, baked or lightly fried in coconut or grape seed oil.