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Camaradelores studied and obtained degrees in education fields, and the education she most values is that gained from the ‘university of life’.  Her life is a reflection of ‘other’ life experiences not typically recognized as modes of learning that continue to fuel and further her journey’s growth.   These experiences are what she shares in her educational journey to support others on their life’s path.


The name on my birth certificate bears the name Barbara Delores Knight. The name Camara was given to me through a divination (naming) ceremony.  It means one who teaches through experience. 


My friend Sophia put my divined name and middle name together; I loved it and have 

called myself camaradelores

ever since. 


After my college training, and then practicing for two years in the classroom, I dropped out.  Teaching I told myself was not for me.  The teaching about teaching was not adding up to the practice in the classroom. 


A teacher had to teach plus do the job of the custodial worker, nurse, parent, secretary, paraprofessional, you name it. 

I was disappointed!  I left for

Los Angeles to start me a new career in something less taxing and straight forward

It didn’t happen.  I was brought right back to home base a year later, where I was made to learn about myself and all the lessons that accompany self-growth.  It could have been any other profession, but teaching was the means through which my journeying would take place. 


My university degrees and post graduate studies included early childhood, elementary education and educational leadership development.  Fast forward to 2018, and my educational pursuits have landed me the task of teaching about my own ‘wellness’ walk, supporting and mentoring others  as a wellness lifestyle coach to encourage and inspire their personal growth and empowerment. 


The S.H.A.P.E. INTO WELLNESS LIFESTYLE PROGRAM and CRUCIANBUSHLOVERS membership networks are inspirational educational channels created as opportunities for teaching and learning. 


Nature-based ideology form the framework through which the two programs are introduced and shared.  The ultimate vision is creating a happy people, happy planet.  The quest is to educate in order to inspire decent living and livelihoods, reduce the poverty state of mind and institutional injustices, engender best health,  introduce, teach and connect  the ways to thrive and sustain a lifestyle of awareness on the planet that respects and supports every living organism on the planet.


This website is inspired by an observation of all the good occurring on the planet and the solutions that many  have identified to reduce or eliminate the targeted challenges the world faces.  I want to be a part of the people in this mission to succeed in this endeavor, joining hearts, minds, hands and souls collectively.


May I invite you to find your passion set your goals and focus on an area of need you were destined.  NOW is the time. Or join us in our vision, to contribute to the final vision of happy people, happy planet. Become a member, partner, mentor to someone, somewhere or sign on right here on our website and uncover your calling.  Join us in holding space for our own and the world’s healing. Copy and share the World’s Healing Meditation inspired by John Randolph Price.










each one teach one
hiking rainforest bush trails helps us identify tropical medicine the indigenous ones embraced
natural-based resources produced on the island  are available to the community in various forms - participating in an agricultural forum with producer Maria Stiles of Ay Ay Jewelry Iration
we are responsible for each other
 Planting in pots on your porch supports the collective vision for do-it-yourself urban family gardening 
Peace Mantra-Sarvesham Svastir - Tina Turner
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World Healing Meditation

In the beginning

In the beginning God

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.

And God said let there be light and there was light


Now is the time of the new beginning

I am a co-creator with God, it is a new heaven that comes

As the goodwill of God is expressed on earth through me.

It is the kingdom of light, love, peace, and understanding

And I am doing my part to reveal its reality


I begin with me.

I am a living soul and the spirit of God dwells in me, as me.

I and the father are one, and all that the father has is mine

In truth, I am the Christ of God.


What is true of me is true of everyone

God is all and all is good.

I see only the spirit of God in every soul

And to every man, woman, and child on earth if say:

I love you, for you are me. You are my holy self


I now open my heart,

And let the pure essence of unconditional love pour out.

I see it as a golden light radiating from the center of my being.

And I feel its divine vibration in and through me, above and below me


I am one with the light

I am filled with the light.

I am illumined by the light

I am the light of the world.


With a purpose of mind, I send forth the light

I let the radiance go before me to join the other lights.

I know this is happening all over the world at this moment.


I see the merging lights

There is now one light.  We are the light of the world.


The one light of love, peace, and understanding is moving.

It flows across the face of the earth

Touching and illuminating every soul in the shadow of the illusion

And where there was darkness, there is now the light of reality.


And the radiance grows, permeating, saturating every form of life.

There is only the vibration of one perfect life now.

All the kingdoms of the earth respond

And the planet is alive with light and love.


There is total oneness

And in this oneness, we speak the word

Et the sense of separation be dissolved

Let mankind be returned to godkind.


Let peace come forth in every mind.

Let love flow forth from every heart.

Let forgiveness reign in every soul.

Let understanding be the common bond.


And now from the light of the world

The one presence and power of the universe responds

The activity of God is healing and harmonizing the planet earth

Omnipotence is made manifest.


I am seeing the salvation of the planet before my very eyes,

As all false beliefs and error patterns are dissolved,

The sense of separation is no more; the healing has taken place

And the world is restored to sanity.


This is the beginning of peace on earth and goodwill toward all,

As love flows forth from every heart, forgiveness reigns in every should

And all hearts an minds are one in perfect understanding

It is done.  And it is so.

Collaborating with change agents to transform the spirit of our island to happier, healthier, thriving

A Personal Affirmation


I choose to be a part of the ‘global connection’ and I do hereby consent to the healing and harmonizing of this planet and all forms of life hereon.

I shall begin this day to radiate the infinite spirit I AM in truth to this world.  I open my heart and I let Divine Love pour out to one and all, transmuting every negative situation and experience within the range of my consciousness.


I forgive everyone, including myself.   Forgive the past and I close the door.  From this moment on, I shall dedicate my life to turning within and seeking, finding, and knowing the only Presence, the only Power, the only cause, and the only Activity of my eternal life. 


and I place my faith in the Presence of God within as my Spirit, my Substance, my Supply and my Support

I know that as I lift up my consciousness, I will be doing my part to cancel out the error of the race mind, heal the sense of separation and restore the world to sanity.

With love in my heart, the thrill of victory in my mind and the joyous words on my lips, I agree to be a part of the worldwide group that will meet in spirit to release Light, Love, and Spiritual Energy in the Healing Meditation for Planet Earth.

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camaradelores knight

Wellness Lifestyle Coach, Educator

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