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Letters to the Editor

Autism Awareness

A few weeks ago, I attended a conference on autism. I wish to thank the Virgin Islands University Center for Excellence in Development Disabilities (VIUCEDD) and its conveners for an informative conference now in its tenth year. The VIUCEDD declares its mission "to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and their families and to provide them with tools necessary for independence, productivity, and full inclusion". Based on my participation in the conference,  I wanted to take this opportunity to share my observations,  opinions, and recommendation for any future autism conference agenda.

The Buccaneer — Saint Croix, USVI

It came to public attention that one of our luxurious hotels, the Buccaneer, was identified for having “turning away locals”. If  true,  it is a practice that must be scrutinized and addressed for the well-being of all who live here in this island community.  The article caption on the front page of February 26 Daily News read, “Hotel apologizes after guard shuts out locals”.  Have the onus of responsibility been placed on a “guard” for having committed such a grievous act that prompted much talk show radio and social media grumbles?

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